Child or Other Dependent

The goal of the Family Class of movement is to rejoin close relatives in Canada. 

Through the Family Class, Canadian subjects and changeless inhabitants may support their reliant kids, guardians and grandparents, mate, customary law, and marital accomplices. 

The Government of Canada has a solid pledge to keeping families together at whatever point conceivable. Along these lines, handling of Family Class applications is a high need at Canadian Visa Offices. 

Under most conditions, people coming to Canada as transitory outside laborers or lasting occupants have the privilege to bring their wards, including all needy youngsters, to Canada with them. Be that as it may, conditions emerge when this isn't conceivable at the season of migration. For Canadian nationals and lasting occupants with subordinate kids abroad, the legislature has made an exceptional program to encourage their friends and family's entrance into Canada. 

The Dependent Child Sponsorship Program 

Subordinate kids, both characteristic and embraced, might be supported to live with their parent(s) as changeless inhabitants in Canada. The kid sponsorship program is a subsection of the Family Class of migration. 

Keeping in mind the end goal to be qualified for this program, both the Canadian native or changeless inhabitant (likewise called the 'support') and their kid abroad (the 'supported individual') must be endorsed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) all together for the supported individual to get a visa. 

To get a visa through this migration program, the support and the supported individual will be required to demonstrate their relationship to each other. People whose selection procedures are in the last periods of handling may start supporting their kid before the reception has been concluded. Make sure to peruse the specific requirements for the program, and also some additional general requirements for Canadian sponsorship. 

After Sponsorship 

Youngsters supported through the Family Class of migration get Canadian lasting living arrangement. This incorporates the privilege to study and work in Canada.

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